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Splat Poo
Backwards Clock

Life is just far too short to not have a good laugh now and again! Our funny gifts department will sure bring laughter to all.

The adage 'laughter is the best medicine' could well be true as there is strong evidence to suggest that laughter can actually improve well being. When choosing a gift for your friend or family member, would it not be an excellent idea to buy a funny gift, joke gift or a daft gift. Of course the funnier the gift, the bigger and louder the laugh! Whether you are looking for some funny gift ideas or something to make yourself laugh, this section contains a humorous range of novelty, daft and very funny gifts.
Is it More of a Novelty that Joke Shops Have Declined?
How many of us mourn the loss of what were traditional shops a generation ago? Who remembers the old-fashioned corner shops? Yes, corner shops do still exist but they now cater for every customer and for every eventuality. The traditional corner shops sold fewer lines, but had loads of variety at the same time. Every kind of sweet you could think of were kept in huge jars that would adorn shelf upon shelf. Gobstoppers, chewing nuts, bon-bons – for some reason, just don’t taste the same in vacuum-packed plastic bags.
Kids, adults, men and women alike could spend hours in these shops – who needed an Xbox or Playstation in those days? And an old favourite (but completely extinct nowadays) - joke shops which specialised in funny gifts were places that young kids would yearn to go to.........
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Make someone smile – the best gift of all

Haven’t the last few years been depressing?  A credit crunch, meaning jobs lost, higher bills, financial worries – there’s certainly not that much to rejoice at the moment.

All the more reason, if you’re looking for the perfect present for someone, that it should be something that makes them happy – ideally, something that would make them laugh or smile.

A funny gift, or novelty present, can bring far more pleasure than you could imagine.  Yes, we’d all love a diamond necklace or new car but life doesn’t allow many of us to present these to our loves ones as gifts; however, some daft token such as joke-covered toilet roll, an electric shock pen or a discreet remote control that turns the telly off can provide hours of merriment – not just for the recipient!

Laughing is good for our wellbeing – as we laugh we release feel-good endorphins which are essential for a healthy mind and body.  The quote that suggests: ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ certainly has a ring of truth about it.  Therefore, a novelty gift can be a great tonic in the current climate.

Take your average guy; he may be over 40 but inside, he’s still a kid at heart.  Buy him some fake dog poo and you’ll give him hours of pleasure as he finds places to casually drop it on the floor.  It will grate on your nerves before you know it, but it will make him very happy!

Novelty gifts are great to give anyone who works in an office. That’s not saying other professions wouldn’t find some harmless fun or pleasure from such a gift but for some reason – which I can vouch for, as I’ve always worked in offices – this type of work can be very tedious and sheltered at times.  Give an office worker a gift like an infrared duck shoot out game like those you find at fairgrounds, and his colleagues won’t leave him alone as they push and shove for their go on his toy.  Similarly, wind-up breakdancers, mini punch bags and desktop air hockey will alleviate some boredom from the working day. 

You can even buy a whole box full of prank messages they could leave their co-workers; it may not make them the most popular person within the office they work but if they’re open to a bit of pranking, they’ll not care – instead, they’ll get hours of pleasure from seeing their colleagues sweat!

Fun gifts and novelty items are inexpensive and all are harmless fun.  There’s nothing that will cause lasting damage to others yet the fun they can bring could certainly make people’s daily life a little more bearable – so if you’re looking for a small gift or filler, a funny gift is the way to go!

Pulling a prank on someone can make you forget your own woes for a short time; as with the saying, "It’s better to give than receive,” – this is definitely true of pranks!  I’d far rather be the ‘pranker’ than the ‘prankee’!

Prank and funny gifts come into their own at parties, or at occasions where drink is involved (though I’d steer away from those where a certain decorum is expected, such as weddings, christenings and especially funerals) – for example, turn up at a 21st with a gift of a remote controlled tarantula or racing grannies and see what happens! 

There’s no one on earth who doesn’t appreciate a good belly laugh and if you can be the provider of that, you’re onto a winner.  Far better than anything that provides short-term pleasure, i.e. flowers that die after a week; chocolates that are great when being eaten but instil guilt when they’ve been devoured in one night and other presents of a similar nature – give a gift that evokes nothing but harmless fun!