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How to impress an 18 year old with unusual 18th Birthday Gifts


When a boy or a girl reaches their 18th birthday, in today's society, it's a big deal. Well why not?! It's the one age that most teenagers look forward to. Although officially they are still teenagers (hence eighteen), in today's society, being 18 is considered to be the year they enter adulthood. After all, it's when they can drink and buy alcohol legally (in the UK anyway). It's the age when they can vote, and of course, can go and see an 18 film. Most 18 year olds will either be leaving home to go to university, or possibly going straight into employment. Wherever the wind takes them, being 18 is a birthday that deserves a celebration. Reaching this age in turn deserves amazing 18th birthday gifts.

Amazing 18th birthday gifts doesn't have to be hard to find. Rather than settling for the traditional 18th gifts, such as tankards and money, why not opt for unusual gifts that will sure to impress? Becoming 18 years old is big news. Therefore, what could be more suitable than splashing this celebratory announcement on a personalised headline newspaper. Just image, the headline news being 'X is 18 Today'. Just as you would find in any daily newspaper or tabloid, this gift allows for a picture of the birthday boy/girl, and an editorial story personal to the subject matter.

Personalised gifts make extremely popular 18th birthday gifts, but is it easy to find unusual personalised presents? Of course it is. For the female girls turning 18, how about purchasing their very own personalised perfume, called Celebrity Scentz. It is not just the stars who can have perfume in the own name. For the girly girl who likes make up and loves to shop (how many do you know that don't?!), how about a set of engraved silver plated makeup brushes or a fabulous shopping bag personalised with their name on it. Perfect!

18 year olds who are heading of to university will need to start learning the art of waking up for lectures after a late night out at the student's union. The ideal 18th gift would be the Flying Alarm Clock. As the name implies, yes, rather than your standard alarm ring (which to be honest would probably not do the job), this alarm clock has a propeller wheel which flies and whizzes around the room while the alarm sound is ringing, and the only way to stop the noise is to catch the propeller and put it back on it's base. Certainly unusual and would create a rather funny sight! Well at least it will help his/her attendance record at university.

For those with a real sense of fun, suitable unusual 18th birthday gifts would be those that are classified as funny or joke gifts. A Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher or a Beer Alarm anyone?

18th birthday presents are not hard to buy, but what is hard is finding the 18th gift that truly impress. Therefore, stir clear of the norm, and look for unusual gifts that will recipient will remember for a long time.
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