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Wedding Gifts for Bridesmaids

Beautiful Bridesmaids’ Presents

The role of a bridesmaid is not just to stand there looking pretty (especially if you’re likely to overshadow the bride!).  A bridesmaid has a supporting role, ready to help the bride with the numerous things she needs to organise, and to give her feedback with choices she needs to make.

For example, it is likely that the first time a bridesmaid will be called upon is the choosing of both hers and the bride’s dresses.  The bride may try on just one dress and know that it’s ‘the one’ or she may need to try on the whole shop’s stock.  The bridesmaid’s role is to be patient, ultimately passing opinion and feedback to the bride.  This could turn into a sticky situation, however, if you think the dress the bride eventually chooses makes her look like a marshmallow.  If, after subtle hints that another one would suit, the bride is still starry-eyed over that particular one, the bridesmaid should switch back to her other function – that of support.  "You look breathtaking!” is the accepted reply when she asks "This dress might as well have been designed for me; it’s so perfect – don’t you think?”.

Sometimes the help a bridesmaid gives is administrative.  Helping her determine the guest list, addressing the invitations and co-ordinate the replies, brainstorming the seating plan with her – all these are mundane tasks that can easily be shared to lessen the burden on the lucky lady.

Then there’s the organising role - especially the hen night.  This is one of the main duties of a bridesmaid.  The bride has to organise the whole wedding day and therefore should be excused from throwing her own bachelorette party.  You invite her circle of friends, organise travel arrangements if necessary and plenty of opportunities for the bride to be spoiled and showered with attention.

Then on the wedding day itself, the bridesmaid has the optional duty of holding the bride’s wedding dress train (fashions change so much that not all dresses have these anymore), and posing for about a million photographs.  Some may be asked to make a speech after the best man; after all, he gets to tell humiliating stories of the groom, why should the bride escape?!

It is as part of the speeches that the bridesmaid role is recognised and valued with a small present of thanks.  This is usually something quite small and not too personal so as not to interrupt the proceedings that much (try unwrapping some new underwear when the whole room is watching you open your present!).   A nice necklace or some decent smellies; a trinket box personalised with the date of your wedding - something that can double up as a keepsake would be a great memento of your special day.  And if you have given your bridesmaid a present with the wedding date engraved on it, they can be held accountable if they forget your anniversary!

Jewellery is very popular for bridesmaids’ presents as the accompanying gift box tends to be small and not a cumbersome thing to drag along and remember amongst all the other things necessary that day.  Just as, traditionally, flowers are given to both the bride’s and grooms mothers, for very small bridesmaids, or flower girls, they receive something age appropriate; something like a pretty children’s watch, or again, a necklace.

The bridesmaid’s role is very much ‘behind-the-scenes’ as all eyes are, quite rightly, on the bride.  The act of buying them a small gift shows that you have appreciated their unfaltering support on the most important day of your life.