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Paper (1st) Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A couple’s first wedding anniversary comes around quite quickly after their nuptials; they’ll still be in the first flushes of love and romance which makes personalised gifts and those with sentiment particularly welcome. Perhaps it is your first anniversary approaching and you are looking for that perfect gift for your husband or wife?

As the first anniversary is traditionally marked between a couple with gifts made of paper, our gift of a personalised poem of your loved one is wonderfully appropriate…not to mention romantic, unique and wholly personal. Just complete a questionnaire with all the details of your other half or the couple in general and our wordsmiths will deliver a poem based on your information.

In this same vein, would your loved one like to be the subject of a romantic adventure novel, the recipient of a message in a bottle or the feature of their own newspaper? For sports fans, personalised history books of their preferred passion will also fit the ‘paper’ tradition.

If you’re looking for a first anniversary gift that doesn’t involve paper, we have a stunning range of jewellery and trinkets, some of which can be engraved or personalised with your own message. Or how about a photo frame with one of your wedding photos inside?

We have a great range of first anniversary gifts. The only thing you need to worry about, therefore, is remembering the date!

Find the perfect gift for a 1st Wedding Anniversary

A couple's happy day - their wedding day goes so quick; after months of careful planning and the stresses associated with it, the day itself flies by....something that all married couples have said. Before you know it, a whole year has passed and husband (aka 'hubby') and wife are celebrating their first paper wedding anniversary. It is such a special  and amazing time. That feeling of excitement in the 1st year of marriage is as new as the day you got married, while you are going through what is known as your honeymoon period. Therefore buying the perfect 1st wedding anniversary gifts and 1st anniversary present would be something that you could look back and treasure years into your married life.
1st wedding anniversary gifts to remember?
With all the other events and occasions throughout a calendar year, there is no wonder many people forget their wedding anniversary.  Unlike Valentine's Day or Christmas which have the good fortune to occur on the same date each year, with your anniversary you're on your own.
Maybe this should be factored in when planning your wedding?  Get married on the first of the month, or on the day when your favourite football club won the cup or on an easy one such as 10/10/10.  Let's face it - if you can't remember a date like that then you're a lost cause!
The first anniversary of your wedding will probably be the easiest to remember (after all, you may still be paying for the big day).  The first twelve months of a marriage go so quick as you adjust to married life and the heady excitement is still quite fresh.  Therefore, there should be little excuse to forget your first wedding anniversary.  Start as you mean to go on and pencil it into the calendar, diary or store an alarm entry in your mobile phone.
This may sound very patronising, but this advice is aimed at men.  Women tend to be able to remember memorable dates easily especially one as important as their wedding.  They may also have spent months before their first anniversary planning what to buy their beloved husband.
As paper is the symbol for the first anniversary, this is a good starting point or prompt to embellish on.  Is there a special book that your wife/husband enjoyed as a child?  Perhaps they would appreciate the effort and sentimentality of you tracking down a first edition or signed copy of this childhood favourite?
Or maybe a large photo of the two of you in a beautiful frame would set your partner's heart alight?  (This could loosely be classed as paper!) Another idea for a first anniversary present could be the newspaper from the day you were married.  This would make a great paper gift but you had better make sure first that you have definitely got the date right or it could be very embarrassing and probably spare bedroom time!
One obvious (and ever so romantic) suggestion would be for a letter or poem detailing your feelings.  If you would find it hard to find exactly the right words, visit, and after filling out an online questionnaire, one can be sent to you fully personalised to your story containing anecdotes and descriptions of your life together.  Could there be anything more romantic (or humorous depending on your taste!)?
Romance is an important factor for any 1st anniversary gifts.  You are celebrating your marriage, your feelings of love and adoration that brought you to get married in the first place.  If you find ideas scarce on year one, it will only get worse when trying to find your 30th wedding present!  Luckily, there are plenty of ideas online to prompt or inspire you.  Jewellery, engraved champagne flutes (even better when accompanied by a bottle of the stuff), spa packs to spoil the lady in your life,  you may just need to give yourself plenty of time before the anniversary to properly scour all the choices!  And if you find a couple of things that take your fancy but are unsure which to buy or whether toget both, and then you'll have no stress when your second anniversary looms unless you've forgotten where you hid it!
I used to think that memory was the best gift anyone had at least I think that's right. I can't remember.

1st Anniversary Gifts For Him


Women find romance a lot easier than men.  So come the first wedding anniversary most wives are probably brimming with ideas on how to celebrate and what gift to buy their husbands.  But for those that are stuck for ideas, there are plenty of places to help inspire you.


Champagne may have flowed at your wedding, but it can be in abundance on your anniversary too.  And the twist is, you can personalise the label with your own anniversary message.  That makes it sentimental, personal and a great gift for both of you!  The first year of marriage is certainly a reason to celebrate.  The first year sees a lot of adjustments from both parties, even for those couples who lived together before they got married.  The added responsibility of legally being joined as a couple and the number of people who probably ask When are you starting a family? A thousand times a day.  In modern times many couples pay for their weddings themselves, so it is quite conceivable that a year after getting married, some are still paying it off.  This can lead to a very frugal anniversary; the most important thing is to celebrate the reason you got married in the first place and your feeling towards each other.


Most men feel comfortable of their wife's adoration and don't need reminding quite as often as women (sorry for the generalisation) but it never hurts to let your partner know how much you love them.  You could pen a poem to him or similar love letter, something that he could read in private (I don't think he would want to parade it round the lads down the pub). 


Of course, there is the idea that your first anniversary gift is practical rather than sentimental, after all, not every man is the romantic type.  For instance, you could buy him a new golf set and even have this personalised to say Happy Anniversary.  You may not get to join him on the golf course very often but at least your sentiments will!  Keyrings, cufflinks, brandy sets, hip flask, tankards - these are all practical items that can be personalised with your own anniversary message.


For the most dedicated football/cricket/rugby fan, you could buy him a personalised club book or photo.  With your anniversary message emblazoned across his favourite team picture, his two loves have come together in one item! 


The way to a man's heart is through his stomach so the saying goes.  For your first anniversary night, cook him his favourite dinner and promise his just desserts in the bedroom.  Take advantage of nights like this, because when (or if) the kids come along, there'll be seldom chance to indulge in this sort of gift-giving.


Another practical item that would get everyday use could be a clock or photo frame that are the perfect size for sitting on a desk.  One sure-fire way of remaining in his thoughts, though it could make it harder for him to concentrate on getting any work done.  Or something as simple as a personalised coffee mug - an everyday object, but something so very unique to your partner.


Just because, traditionally, the symbol of the first wedding anniversary is paper doesn't mean that you have to give a gift made from this.  As long it is heartfelt and well-received, your 1st anniversary gift for him will have set out what you want it

Your 1st Anniversary Gift for Her


Would an anniversary gift be more important for a man or woman?  For example, say one of you forgot to buy the other an anniversary present who would be the most upset, the wife or the husband?  And is this a sexist comment?


Women have memories like elephants (ask any husband). And the best day of her life goes past so quick that she will do anything to remember what happened, who attended and what it felt like to be the beautiful bride and centre of attention.  The first wedding anniversary is the first major excuse for her to relive the day officially.


Therefore, photos of the big day, beautifully framed, would be a perfect present.  Or how about something really personal- hiring a video camera if you haven't already got one, then recording guests from your wedding talking about what they enjoyed most about the day, how beautiful the bride looked, who wouldn't be heartened by a gift so unique and sentimental?  (It will also earn you brownie points for the trouble you've gone to!)


The honeymoon period should still be fresh so gifts that you can both enjoy should be popular.  Anything that points to bedroom games, such as lingerie, massage accessories or adult novelty gifts will be greatly enjoyed.  However, I would recommend you buy these for your wife together with a romantic or sentimental gift as, on their own, they may provoke the wrong reaction.


You can actually blow your wedding photos up onto canvas and personalise them with your own romantic, loving message a practical and beautiful item, yet something she can hang in your home and appreciate for years to come.  How about something else personalised, like a mirror compact?  Each time she takes it out of her bag to powder her nose she will read the message and think of you.  Aww!


You could buy her a beautiful necklace in the shape of a heart to symbolise your love and also engrave the box for a double whammy of romance.  There's not many occasions that jewellery doesn't suit.  A common practice on a first wedding anniversary is for the husband to buy his wife an eternity ring that matches her engagement and wedding rings, giving her the full set.  These are typically a band of small diamonds in the same cut and style.  Traditionally, paper is the symbolic present for the first anniversary but perhaps most women would prefer the eternity ring?!


Quirky ideas for gifts could include naming something after your wife.  This is the type of gift that is rarely forgotten and lasts way beyond the first anniversary.  You can legally name a star Happy 1st Anniversary Darling if you wanted, or even give your partner her own variety of rose.  This is a nice gift if it is likely to flower around the time your anniversary falls.


Your wife wants your gift or intentions to show that not only have you enjoyed your first year of marriage but that she is still the most precious thing in your life.  After a couple of decades most men's enthusiasm for remembering and celebrating wedding anniversaries tends to wane, so the first one is even more reason to push the boat out!