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Personalised Gifts for Anniversaries and Birthday Can Add a Personal Touch.

Looking for a special gift can be hard- hard in the fact that we are spoilt for choice. It is fair to say that almost anything can be given as a gift- money, fashion, food and even furniture, amongst many other things. However, is it not also fair to say that we always want to try and find something a little bit special, a little bit unique, especially when the occasion that you are buying for deserves that? Gifts which are personalised add a touch of class, uniqueness, identity and ownership.

Personalised gifts when chosen correctly can make that difference. Our appetite for personalised gifts, especially for anniversaries and birthdays has dramatically grown over the years, with it being big business for online retailers. In this article I aim to summarise my top 5 personalised gifts in the marketplace.

Personalised Photo Gifts- photos are our treasured memories that we want to keep for a lifetime. Now you can have them displayed onto an attractive wall canvas, photo frame or even a functional memo board. The range of personalised photo gifts is constantly growing- you can add a personal message to your photo canvas, or a bespoke poem to your photo frame. For the more adventurous, there are companies who can alter the photo itself, beautifully transforming it into a pop art, a Worhol style photo or even into a funky retro design.

Personalised Message in a Bottle- this gift is particularly romantic and is perfect for as an anniversary gift or as a thank you gift. What a better way to tell someone you love them than by sending them a message in a bottle. The message itself is your own creation- your opportunity to express in your own words your love, gratitude or blessing. Inside your Message in a Bottle is some sand, sea-shells and your personalised message printed on parchment paper. The bottle is corked and tied with a coloured ribbon and delivered in a specially made wooden box.

Personalised Name a Star Gift- if it's a unique and romantic gift that you are looking for then the Name a Star Gift Box could well possibly be one of the most unique gifts around. Only a small number of stars in our sky actually have names allocated to them; the majority are nameless and are distinguished by their catalogue number only. Your gift box contains the details of one of these unnamed stars that is ready for naming by you. In this collection are also: Name a Rose, Dedicate a Tree, Adopt a Vine and Message to Space.

Personalised Headline Newspaper- this is a personalised gift that is becoming increasing popular for all occasions, as the flexibility of what can be achieved is endless. The recipient and the occasion is put on the front page of a ‘fake newspaper' as headline news. A personalisation form will need to be completed by the buyer, with a photo of the receiver. A professional editor will then create that all important attention grabbing front page newspaper. The sentiments of the editorial is of your choosing. It can be funny, serious or factual.

Original Archive Newspaper- the recipient of this gift receives an original newspaper from any day that is requested. This gift therefore is a very meaningful way to celebrate a particular occasion, whether it be a birthday or anniversary. If it is for a wedding anniversary I would recommend the Anniversary Range, which includes 3 original newspapers, one from your wedding day, and both partner's birth dates.
These are my top 5 personalised gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. Of course if you spend some time looking, you will find a vast range of other products available.
Resource- This article was written by Linh Duong, who writes articles on gifts and gift ideas. This particular article recommends 5 personalised anniversary gifts.
Feel free to blog it with the resource intact.
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