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Christmas Stocking Fillers & Ready Filled

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Xmas Stocking Fillers and Pre-Filled Stockings for Children, Men and Women

Christmas follows many traditions, including: giving out xmas presents to family members and friends, eating turkey, and singing carols. Another well loved traditional custom involves hanging a Christmas Stocking over the fireplace for Santa to come down the chimney and fill it with lots of little Christmas stocking fillers for the kids. Of course, we adults know that, Father Christmas doesn't make his way down the chimney...however, parents have year on year always held on to the tradition of giving a stocking with stocking fillers, so as to not destroy the fantasy of Santa that young kids have, and the delight adorned on their little faces on Christmas morning.

You might be interested to know do the origin of this seasonal act that developed into the 'stocking filler' concept we still acknowledge today.

Although there is no firm, documented events to refer to, but only from legends that vary from place to place and differ in content. A popular version reads like an Aesop fable or children's fairy tale and depicts a poor man with three beautiful daughters. Due to his financial situation, he worried what would become of them once he had passed.

Saint Nicholas was passing through the village when he learned of the old man's circumstances from the other villagers. The poor man's neighbours sensed that Saint Nicholas wanted to help but warned him that the man was proud and would not accept charity. Saint Nicholas waited until nightfall and crept into the man's home through the chimney.

He carried three bags of gold coins, one for each girl. He looked for a place where he could leave the tokens for the girls and saw three stockings hung over the fireplace to dry. Putting a bag in each stocking, he left, and when the girls found their Christmas gifts in the bottom of their stockings, they were able to get married and live happily ever after.

Although we no longer place gold coins in our children's stockings, many families still adhere to the tradition and hang them up on the fireplace. Searching the high street shops and online shop has become part of the yearly fun of shopping for Christmas stocking fillers for many parents. It's fair to say that, with the plethora of kid's xmas gifts out there today, not many would fit into a stocking. However, that is why  we still buy little presents that are always a joy to find as a little extra - a stocking filler. The larger main Xmas presents may be the item your child has asked for during the previous few months, but stocking fillers do have a more personal feel and always brings delight as they discover something fantastic they hadn't expected.

My Red Packet stock a fabulous range of christmas stocking fillers, which are just perfect for slipping into the smallest of stockings. We have worked hard to source a variety of fillers, some with a Christmas specific theme, and other stocking fillers that would last through out the year. We understand that in terms of price, the majority of what you put into a stocking should be inexpensive, and of course small enough to fit into a stocking.

Stocking fillers may still feel like just another chore when planning Christmas presents, to many parents it isn't, and finding great stocking fillers is all part of the joy of Christmas. My Red Packet's range of Christmas gifts will restore the fun of this great tradition.

Now, of course, not all parents, however much they would love the time to look for individual filler items, it's fair to say that, in many cases, time is an issue. Christmas time is always such as very busy seasonal period for parents, who are often in charge of cooking the christmas dinner, decorating the house, and of course doing the christmas shopping. If you are one of these parents, who just would love to find the perfect pre-filled stocking for your children (or adult men and women for that matter), then My Red Packet can seriously help. This year, we have put together a fantastic range of ready filled christmas stockings, to suit toddlers (boys and girls), young boys and girls, and men and women. Our standard, premium and deluxe filled stocking for each of these age groups have fillers that have been carefully chosen, for quality, fun, and variety. For boys, we have filled the stockings with age appropriate toys, and for girls, you'll find items such as a bead kit, bath crayons, and trinket box. Filled stockings are also popular as gifts to give to adults, and this is where we have really come into our own. Our filled stockings for men contains novelty type item and practical ones- all of which would be appreciated by a man. Our pre-filled stockings for women are equally as high quality- from beauty products to fun items, each stocking contains little goodies that would make her smile.