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A personalised mug? I’ll drink to that!

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

The humble mug. A carrier of tea, coffee…or latte, if you’re in the mood. Often, we don’t think much about the vessel in our hands, instead, worrying about what lies ahead and the fact you’re up at what seems like the crack of dawn.

But what if the ceramic creation you hold said, “You make every day a sunny day” or “Wake up, sexy” - wouldn’t that put a smile on your face in the morning?

You may think that giving a mug as a gift is taking the practical present a step too far, but why? It’s something that will definitely be used, and with the many designs we have, there’ll be one perfect for the recipient - and the personalisation element makes this a gift far better than a plain mug. Still think it’s not worthy?

Take a look at just a few of the designs we hold:

The ‘Best of Britain’ mug will really be precious this year, with the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics making us feverish for everything patriotic. Fly the flag for Britain in the comfort of your own home!

Perhaps you’re struggling with gift ideas for a colleague’s birthday? The’dictate your brew’ mug is perfect for the office and means no new starter or apprentice can get their coffee order wrong!

And look at the last one - a funky gift for any couple who’s getting, or got, married. It may seem quirky to give a pair of mugs to a married couple, but perhaps that’s what you think they are for getting hitched!!

Seriously, some couples don’t fit the mould of bedding sets or toasters - give them something completely different and which you know they’ll think is hilarious.

Most couples set up home before they get married these days, so they’ll already have champagne flutes, towel bales, etc. But will they have a pair of mugs like these?!

My Red Packet stock a huge range of different mug designs, which span occasions such as Mothers’/Fathers’ Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday - and all can be personalised.

So, while you ponder which personalised mugs to choose and what message to display, stick the kettle on…

The gift-giving season!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

There’s something about summer that sparks a gift-giving frenzy.  Fathers’ Day is on the horizon, there are more people born in the summer and autumn, (therefore birthday gifts and those for new babies are plentiful) - plus, most brides like to get married when its warm, meaning the need for wedding gifts, gifts for the wedding party and anniversary gifts exceed normal demand!

At MyRedPacket, we have a range of gift ideas for every occasion, each one special and affordable - with most having the extra element of personalisation.  Therefore, you should never be stuck for the perfect gift!

New items on the site include these soap buns - perfect as a filler gift or as a pampering token for any lady if the whole range of ‘flavours’ are bought.

They look good enough to eat!  (But please don’t…)  These gifts go fantastically well with the sundaes and gateau gifts, that aren’t how they sound - these gifts are made up of facecloths and bath pampering products, all arranged to resemble a sweet treat.  For any woman’s birthday gift or for a romantic anniversary gift (because they’re easily shared…) - these will not only look delightful but will also prove a practical, useful gift too.  Far better than something shoved to the back of a wardrobe, or something that collects dust on a shelf somewhere - why increase someone’s workload when they can be pampered within an inch of their life?!

When we think of romantic gifts we often imagine a bountiful box of chocolates, probably influenced by that dashing Milk Tray man that once adorned our screens and was the epitome of love, mystery and romance.  Women (and men) love receiving chocolate as it’s seen as an indulgence; why not take this one step further and present them with their very own personalised goodies?

Each chocolate is a ruby-red heart and the box can be personalised with a message of your choice.  It can even say, “I’m sorry” should you need a ‘making-it-up-to-you’ gift.  Practically guaranteed to get you in the recipient’s good books!

For a great gift to give a couple on their wedding, look no further than our range of personalised items.  The younger generation don’t need Tupperware or wine glasses as the chances are, they’ll already have their own home and will have these shoved at the back of their kitchen cupboards as it is.  The most likely thing they’ll actually want is money - to pay for a much-needed relaxing honeymoon or as contribution to the cost of the wedding (very few couples are lucky enough to get handouts from their parents anymore).

However, this can feel a little hollow for guests, to hand over a card with cash - almost as if they’re paying to be there.  One solution is to give slightly less cash and buy a token present that will not only raise a smile but be a practical, useful gift - and not one that comes out at Christmas when the relatives all come round.  Something like this:

For any hip, happening young couple, this will be a cute and quirky item they’ll use all the time.  At £19.99, they won’t break the bank and will still leave some left over to shove in a card.  You feel as if you’re actually giving a gift, they get something they’ll use all the time and still have a little to put in the coffers for whatever they choose.  Everyone’s a winner!

The sun automatically makes us happy and more sociable than in the wintry months, where it’s too cold to contemplate constantly partying or arranging events.  Therefore, the amount of gifts you may need to help celebrate each occasion could leave you spending your days hunting around on and offline for ‘just the thing’.  Well, no more - come to MyRedPacket first for all your gift ideas and you could save yourself a great deal of time and money.  You might even find something to treat yourself too!

Sports gifts just for you!

Friday, May 28th, 2010

There’s not many gifts on the high street or World Wide Web that are aimed specifically at men as the recipient - even though women spend far more on birthday presents and the like in any given year.  Perhaps women only buy for other women?!

To combat this inequality MyRedPacket offers a range of personalised sports gifts which should satisfy any enthusiast.  Your man will be beaming from ear to ear that you’ve not only bought him a birthday or anniversary gift but one that panders to his favourite sport too.  Our sport history books are quite unique, covering such pursuits as cricket, Formula One, football, rugby and golf.

Not only are these books informative to any man who follows one of these sports but they can also be personalised so that his mates can’t pinch his pressie when he takes it down the pub to impress them with his sporting knowledge!  Wow - a personal touch which provides identity security too!

Beautifully covered and crafted - take a look:

The personalised football book, for instance, can feature any one of around 30 of the most popular teams, giving the full history of the club which adds an educational element to the gift too.  We all know that men like their sports trivia and come pub quiz time, your other half will be in his element!

The sports history books are not only ideal as a birthday gift or Father’s Day gift for your hubby but they would also make a great retirement gift.  The personalisation element could be worded as a dedication for an avid fan.  Or how about those football/rugby/etc award ceremonies for teams in small, local leagues - a perfect thank you present for the coach or manager.

The books contain reproductions of actual newspaper articles from memorable events in the club’s history.  They are made to an exceptionally high quality and crafted with care, as much care as the recipient will take of the book once received.  He will stroke it lovingly and store it carefully on his bookshelf.  He’ll show it off to male visotors in a kind of bonding ritual and go all starry-eyed when flipping through the pages.  And don’t forget, when it’s near your birthday you can always hold the book hostage until he buys you those Jimmy Choos you’ve had your eyes on for ages….

The sports gifts include personalised football calendars too - a lot more conservative to hang up in the garage than the naked women variety.  Something that doesn’t have to be bundled into a cupboard each time your kids want their bikes out.

Where women like to receive chocolates for a present, for some strange genetic reason this doesn’t excite men.  But give them one of these sports-related gifts and they’ll be out from under your feet for a while.  Well, until their favourite sport comes on the telly then they’ll become surgically attached to the sofa and a can of lager.

From the beginning of time men have played some form of sport.  To listen to your man when he’s shouting obscenties at the referee from the comfort of his couch you’d think they’d been top-class footballers/golfers/scrum-halves.  Your man NEEDS one of these books to realise just how good the professionals are!

Personalised sports gifts will make any fan happy.  Which, in turn, will make you happy!